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Wonderful Hiilu Bags!

are all diligently handmade from used jeans and other recycled materials.

Minnie on laukku jota Minni Hiirikin kadehtisi: siihen mahtuvat niin tanssikengät verkkarit ja meikkipussit.

Minni on farkkua tai kanvasta. Mukana myös irroitettava olkahihna. 

Special Edition: käsinpainettu ruskea kanvas,
design Enna Cano Bernal


Venla on vakaa ja tyylikäs kaveri, jossa on ulkotasku, sisätasku ja olkaremmi. Venlaan mahtuu kirja ja aurinkorasva ja laivaliput Korkeasaareen.

Vanla on painettua puuvillaa, hienoin Venla on upeaa painettua huonekalusamettia.


Ulpu on sinistä tai mustaa farkkua ja juuri sopiva ja kestävä kaveri kaikkialle. Sinne menee lompsat, kuitit ja puhelimet, mutta ei tule ostettua turhia kenkiä, sillä ne eivät Ulpuun mahdu.

Ulpuja tehdään myös kierrätetysta nahasta.


Olga on tilava pieni olkalaukku, jossa on irrotettava olkaremmi. Olgaan mahtuvat tärkeimmät: rahat, passi, puhelin ja avaimet. PikkuOlgassa on vain rannelenkki.

Sisätaskut, ulkotasku. Erilaiset painokuosit.

Pouches for everybody!

Hiilu´s best bags.

made of recycled materials.

To take and keep anything  with you, from purses and pouches to shoes and sandwiches.

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Wonderful pouches to hold anything necessary and unnecessary. 
Made of recycled textile and leather.

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Get washable and durable face masks for protection for everyone! We have masks also for big bearded boys!

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Get washable and durable face masks for protection for everyone! We have masks also for big bearded boys!

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Face masks for everybody!

..Psst,  Hiilu makes also masks for big bearded boys! 

Remember also to protect nature when protecting yourself!

You can order your eco friendly Hiilu face mask even easily by a message: use the chat box in right hand corner..

Price 12.50 € + handling & shipping domestic 4.90€, 
other EUcountries 8.50

Hiilu´s reusable and washable face masks 

are diligently handmade of recycled 100% cotton textile. 
Hiilu´s masks have two layers of recycled cotton fabric, comfortably fastening with elastic bands around the ears. 

❀ Do not forget to protect nature while protecting yourself!
No oil-based non-biodegradable synthetic materials, thus also no polypropylene filters or filter layers, are used in Hiilu´s masks. We want two make our masks nice and useful, but also as eco-friendly as possible. 

  Textile face masks do not protect its wearer from viruses.

But it prevents droplets spreading out, and may thus prevent the contagion from the wearer to others. They protect you as well as any non-medical disposable masks. (THL). WHO suggests wearing a textile face mask unless you are in a particular risk group (read more)

Hiilu´s masks are also sold at HiiluFactory Kumpulantie 1, 2nd floor, at Tangostudio Atico, Kumpulantie 1, 8th floor and Designshop SOMA at Forum, Kukontori

 Note! Because masks are made of scraps, all pictured patterns may not be available. 



The main idea behind Hiilu is to produce lovely and well-made items but do it as eco-friendly as possible.

This means using mainly recycled and used materials. We choose materials that are biodegradable whenever possible, and produce as little waste as possible. 

Bags and pouches have grown for the main part of Hiilu.
They are made from old jeans, used textiles, patches and pieces. 

FRU tangowear is Hiilu's newest shoot. The idea simply came from the fact that as an Argentine tango enthusiast, I have never fit into the tango clothes on offer. And I noticed that there may be others with the same problem. Tangowear is made of scraps and ends of textile rolls or old garments. 


JEWELERY is hand made with old techniques as chain maille with real pearls and gems. All silver produce used is made od 70% recycled silver, and is 725 ‰ sterling silver. 


HiiluTehdas, for which the small study is handsomely named, can be found at Kumpulantie 1, 2nd floor. Welcome to visit! 
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is a tango clothing collection for us
who want sleeves and a little more

space for our lovely curves.

On sale:

Tangoroom, El Atico

Selected tango events

NOTE: You can also have your dress
made to order:

Send an email to: hiilumeili@gmail.com

Tällä hetkellä FRU on koronatauolla. Toivottavasti voimme pian taas tavata ja tanssia!

Foto:Finnam foto


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